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We know you are tired of buying Leads that aren't worth the money your spend on them.  If you’re looking for fresh leads, you have come to the right place. Weather its sweepstakes leads or investment leads,  we pride ourselves on freshness and having the highest rate of our client's loyalty. Our goal is to have you as a customer for life. Nothing great happens suddenly, that's why we take the time to provide only the highest quality of Leads in the industry. Our award winning customer service is 2nd to none. We strive to make sure ALL our customers are satisfied with their purchase. Also we deliver our Leads the most secure and efficient way possible.
You will get your leads the same day you order. Guaranteed!!! Our area of expertise is Hand Written  Sweepstakes Leads,  mail order buyers and Sweepstakes Players who responded to a solicitation and volunteered their telephone  number, signature, address, and that they are credit card holder's.  These consumers have taken the step to enter into a sweepstake for prizes and money by paying up to $10-$20 sometimes even more. So you know these are serious players. Considered to be the best lead in the industry. Our leads have the highest response rate in the business . Hand written sweepstakes leads are available for purchase no more then 7-14 days from signing, all of our leads are credit cards holders. We will not sell your leads again to someone else, so that guarantees that you will walk away with the money.

Sales Agents

Cicily Andrews

Cicily Andrews focuses on list aquisition, to get you the freshest leads possible.  She aims to please all of her clients.  Call her at extension 13.

Mark Stanley

The CEO and president.  If there is any problem he will solve it.  Ask for Mark at extension 17.

Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson is in IT solutions,  mail room, scanning, and marketing.  If you need technical assistance call Karen at extension 21.

Sean Jones

Sean Jones has been in the business for over 13 years.  He has a masters degree in business administration and is very good at getting customers the leads they want.  Sean will help you make a lot of money.  He is at extension 15.

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